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Thanks to “BIM on the Rocks” for the review of TCP Blocks.


Customer Comments:
Just want to let you guys know that your Auto-cad blocks are very nice. I have used them a lot and have referred a few friends to check you guys out. Now I have really professional looking traffic plans, people don't believe me when I tell them i made them. Keep it up.
Thanks, Garrett

Just downloaded the blocks...they work great.
Regards, Jaime

We are very pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use your product.
Rick, Jensen Design & Survey



We look forward to your comments and suggestions on how to improve the DYNAMIC TCP BLOCKS.

We guarantee a 100% refund if you are not satisfed with our product.

Tip: Build your steets & roads in model space and place your traffic control and everyting else in the layout. If you have several phases to the project you can just copy the layout and make adjustments to the TCP as needed.

Dynamic Traffic Control Blocks are guaranteed to work with the latest version of AutoCad™

Our signs are based on the MUTCD manual with California signs. If you need specialized signs for your state we would like to know.

So many of our customers are creating plans for their crews. We also get alot of major contractors buying our product.

If you have requests for specific signs or street configurations please send us a e-mail and we will do our best to get them to you.

All blocks are created on “0 layer” for layer use flexibility except for street blocks. Street blocks consist of up to 3 layers representing face of curb (FOC), back of sidewalk (BOSW) and road markings/lines

Comments and feedback are appreciated. Please email us with your suggestions.

TCP TRAFFIC CONTROL BLOCKS have been used by engineering firms, goverment municipalities and contractors to create their traffic control plans.

Our TCP blocks have attributes where you can create a list of signs needed for your traffic control plan.

The most current version of the MUTCD is the 2009 Edition with Revision Numbers 1 and 2 incorporated, dated May 2012 Download the manual here.

Dynamic Traffic Control Blocks

Not Just a Bunch of Sign Blocks - Creates Fast Street Configurations

The power of these blocks allow you to insert the most common street characteristics and manipulate those characteristics so the tedious task of laying out is sped up and simplified. You get dynamic street blocks with multiple lane configurations. Lane configurations come with and without islands, parking lanes and turn pockets. Corners come in 15' and 30' radius with and without islands. You also get left and right turn pockets you can add.

For users of AutoCad™, dynamic blocks helps you create traffic control plans in fewer steps. Over 127 blocks!! There are 63 sign symbol blocks including California approved signs, 8 legend blocks, over 21 street and street characteristics blocks, 14 road markings blocks, 11 symbol blocks and 10 other blocks. Most blocks are dynamic you can adjust to your situation.

With these "DYNAMIC" TCP BLOCKS you are able to insert a 4 lane street with a parking lane and median (or other configuration) in your drawing in one step without all the copying, offsetting, layer configurations, etc.., then stretch, rotate to match the scale of your project. Then insert a corner configuration ( again, multiple types), then turn pockets, then all the symbols, signs, dragging from your pallettes.

The traffic flow arrows are included in the block as seperate blocks and can be maipulated after exploding. The configuration can be streched to the desired lenght and rotatated with the grips. You can do the same with corners, turn pockets and all other street characteristics. You can use the same block for many situations, for example, you can change the "Detour" arrow from left to right with just one click after inserting.

These are some of the things you can do with "Dynamic" blocks.

What are the benefits?

AutoCad™ Dynamic Temporary Traffic Control Blocks will help any industry that needs to perform work on any street in the US. Anyone new to TTC (temporary traffic control) or existing drafters can produce more uniform, faster and easier plans.With the use of dynamic blocks and AutoCad’s Tools Palette, plan creation is just a drag and drop away. The typical street and street characteristics blocks are much faster than drawing from scratch.

Sure you can create all these blocks yourself, but can you do it cost effectively? Why spend you or your company’s valuable time creating a library of TCP blocks.
The street and street characteristic blocks allows novice AutoCad users to create TCP’s in a short amount of time. Users with CAD experience can produce TCP’s in less time.
Street and street characteristic blocks are geared for city street work where most contractors do their work or can be used on highway systems.
Creates professional and consistent drawings sure to keep your city’s engineer happy and allow your crew to implement the TCP safely and efficiently.
Low cost compared to specialized TCP creation programs, use the software you allready have.
See the Sample_Drawings for examples of plans created with Dynamic Traffic Control Blocks.

What You Get

- One file consisting of a total of 127 blocks. [ View the pdf ]
- A template drawing with common street layouts to start your new traffic control plan.
- All sign blocks have attributes to allow data extraction tables to be created to put together list of signs needed to carry out your plan.
- All blocks are created on “0 layer” for layer use flexibility except for street blocks. Street blocks consist of up to 3 layers representing face of curb (FOC), back of sidewalk (BOSW) and road markings/lines.
- Nearly all blocks have dynamic characteristics (see dynamic blocks below). Many blocks have editable attributes (changeable text attributes) to enter the M.P.H., left or right and footage or miles ahead.

- All files needed to easily import TCP Blocks to your palettes..


Blocks require AutoCad™ or AutoCad compatibility. Dynamic Blocks are known to be compatible AutoCad™ versions beginning from 2006. If you find these blocks are not compatible with the software you are using we will provide a full refund if you let us know within 48 hours of purchase.

Dynamic Blocks

AutoCad dynamic blocks allow the user to rotate, flip, stretch, array and align blocks by using grips after the block is inserted. See the block drawings for the parameters/actions associated with a block.

Dynamic Roads

4 lane road as inserted then being stretched.

There are 12 differnt blocks like this with different numbers of lanes, with and with out medians and center turn lanes.

The traffic direction arrows and sidewalks are incorporated which saves you a couple more steps.

Cone Array

Cone as inserted then creating a array. You insert the cone block and drag the cones in any direction to create a line of cones. Cool!!

Turn Arrow - Flip and Rotate

One turn arrow block handles any direction. Very efficient.

Detour Sign

One detourn sign for any direction.

Sign Rotate

Signs can be rotated. Many have editable attributes.

Block Drawings, Examples of Plans & List of Blocks

Click below to see (.pdf's):


Intersection 1 Set-up - Simple intersection configuration before adding traffic control signage.


Intersection 1 Set-up - Set-up Signage.

Intersection 2 Set-up - This a more complicated intersection before placing signage.